The Madcap Adventures of A Writer and Her Trucker Part Three

by: C.J. Galaway

January 16, 2016
All right, things have settled into a routine of sorts. We run based on the load she has been given and that load dictates her sleep cycle. This is a tough job guys, one that is both mentally and physically demanding. The people who drive cars complain about the truck drivers but in reality they make life more difficult for truck drivers with the reckless way they drive. All it takes is using turn signals, making sure you have enough room before changing lanes and not hanging out in a truck’s blind spot. But most “4 wheelers” as truckers call them do this to other “4 wheelers” so it’s almost impossible to expect anything different.

Then there is the litter; along the side of the interstates and in parking areas…pretty much everywhere you look. When did we stop caring about our environment? I mean really? It really bothers me when there is a trash can within a very reasonable walking distance yet the trash is dropped wherever that person happens to be standing. I understand we can’t stop everyone from doing this, but maybe if we didn’t follow the example and spoke up when we saw someone else doing it…

All right enough of my ranting.

I’ve managed to get some really nice photos and will be posting albums for you to enjoy on my Facebook page. Most are of scenery but they were building a new bridge in Kentucky and I managed to get some unique view shots I think you will enjoy. The link to my Facebook page is:
One of my wife’s trainees said something about the fact that “all you see are trees” and in a way that is very much true. Because trucking is a lot of interstate driving. But you do have to get off of the interstate to pick up and deliver goods. Some of these require driving through small towns on roads that are barely big enough to hold a car let alone a full-sized tractor trailer. But the sights you can see make up for it; from the beautiful homes to the old family cemeteries to the statuary and unique landmarks that only a small town can have. 
You’d be surprised at the beauty hidden just off the interstate. 
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  1. Unknown

    There is beauty everywhere if you just look for it.

  2. C.J. Galaway

    There is indeedd my friend, but most people can't see what is in front of them.


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