The Madcap Adventures of A Writer and Her Trucker Part Four

by: C.J. Galaway

January 17, 2016
Most of the time a trucker’s life revolves around the pickup and delivery routine of the load that they are placed under. This is even more so for my wife as she is one of thirty drivers who deliver exclusively for one specific customer, otherwise known as a dedicated run.

These runs are difficult to become a part of, as only drivers who deliver on time and excel in customer service are placed on these runs. Yes how you communicate with others is vital in all workplace environments.

Occasionally a driver gets to experience something called down time. Either they are able to make it to a receiver ahead of schedule and must wait to deliver or due to  holiday, they find themselves with a day to kill.

These times are few and far between, but if the area you’re in has a hotel nearby that permits truck parking or is within walking distance of a truck stop, the opportunity to get out of the truck for a night is a welcome break.

That is where we find ourselves tonight, able to enjoy a hotel room in Georgia with room to stretch out and relax. We watched the Panthers beat the Seahawks in an exciting NFC divisional playoff game and right now are watching a very close Steelers-Broncos match up on the AFC side of the playoff race.

Tomorrow starts another round of the adventures, but for now rest.

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