Let me introduce you to Joyce

by: C.J. Galaway

April 14, 2016
Writers by nature seem to be two people in one. You have the writer who pours their heart and soul out on paper for the world to either love or hate. Living of caffeine fueled dreams that pour onto the page, the world is at their feet.
The one that lives and breathes in the real world goes unnoticed most of the time. After all real life is anything but glamorous and thanks to reality television people expect more than what is real in “reality”.

So let me introduce you to my other half, the part of me that the world sees most of the time. Her name is Joyce and she is the quiet type for the most part. She sits back and observes the world and the changes going on in it. She is too trusting for her own good at times, but tries to do what is right and often at great cost to herself.
She loves to read any and all genres, as long as the plot is good. Joyce also loves music, preferring to stick to the rock genres. She is also attempting to play bass and has picked up the sax after an almost thirty year hiatus. Martial arts particulary Shotokan karate is another passion, with a growing collection of swords. To relax she cross-stitches and does jigsaw puzzles.
Joyce has the same doubts and fears anyone else has, with probably a few even she isn’t willing to admit to right now. Living and walking a non-normal path even in today’s world is still very risky and it is best to stay in the shadows.

There you have it, the other side of me, well at least a small glimpse of her anyway.

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