Knitting or for me Cross Stitch

by: C.J. Galaway

April 14, 2016
Cross stitch is a form of knitting, at least to me it is. It’s a way to relax and contemplate the structure of my next novel.

So what is cross stitch you ask? Well there are two kinds; stamped is where the pattern is stamped onto the fabric and the knitter stitches over the pattern and counted is where the knitter looks at  a pattern and stitches it onto a blank piece of material that looks like this.

I chose blue so you could see the holes in the fabric more clearly. This is what the patterns look like that knitters follow while doing this type of craft.
This one of the simpler patterns, most are very complex. They run in size from small ones to be made into ornaments, bookmarks, keychains etc to larger ones to hang on your walls like a painting. Those can take months to complete. 
It is a fun exciting craft and if you’re interested in knowing more, here is a website to get you started.
If you would like to see, this YouTube video will help.
Happy knitting.
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