Don’t Speak

by: C.J. Galaway

February 16, 2013
Victim is a white female, approximately twenty-seven years of age, the young police officer replied as he stood over the nude body. At first glance it would appear as if the victim was tortured before she was killed. “That is stating the obvious, Rookie. A detective dressed in a black suit stood beside the uniformed cop. Every crime scene has a story to tell. What is this one telling you? I-I’m not sure, Lieutenant Williams. The young officer looked into his eyes and quickly looked away. Not many could stand the lieutenant’s stare for long and he understood why. In that brief second it was if the detective had burned a hole in his skin straight through to his soul. I’m not here to bust your chops. Take a deep breath and tell me not only what you see, but what you believe the victim is telling you. Lieutenant Williams took a step back and watched as the young officer nervously walked around the victim, careful not to disturb. The victim is restrained and in a position that would indicate a possible sexual assault had taken place. Upon further examination I believe she was indeed tortured before being killed. The evidence would suggest-. What evidence, Rookie? The only device I see is the restraints and I’m willing to bet she put them on willingly, at least at first. Lieutenant Williams stepped closer and knelt down beside the body. She was laid out on cushions, so her comfort was in our boy’s mind at the time.If this was a straight kidnap and torture, as you’d like to think, the lady’s comfort would be the last thing on his list. He reached out and touched the cushions piled under the torso. So it’s safe to say that the lady went along with his plans—at least in the beginning. He stared into the open, unseeing eyes that stared back and wondered what type of person would lure such a lovely young woman to her death in a room like this Watch your step now; this staircase curves a bit here before it opens up, Jack warns the lovely brunette he’s leading by the hand. His blue eyes sparkle with mischief as he pauses to stare again at her beauty. She is wearing a short, silk robe that clings to her every curve. He loved a woman who had lush, full curves in all the right places. She isn’t heavy, but she is definitely a woman in all her beauty. The bottom of the staircase opens to reveal a large, circular room bathed in a glowing, white light from an unseen source. Tall, cylindrical columns add a beauty to the scene while providing support for the cathedral-like ceilings. A richly detailed oriental rug in colors of rich brown, burgundy, and blue covers a large portion of the floor. He pauses at the bottom of the stairs to drink in the scent of burning incense and to let his companion step into the room. She gasps in pleasure at he feel of the plush rug on her bare feet Don’t speak, Jack quietly admonishes her as he places a finger to her soft, full lips. He smiles at the sight of the pile of cushions and a cloth of the darkest purple velvet carelessly tossed beside them. A silver incense burner stands on a long pole not far away. Everything is perfect and exactly as he ordered it to be. Walking over he picks up the black iron cuffs that are attached to one column by a length of black chain. He casually throws the velvet cloth at the end of the cushions to form a soft pile and sets the restraint on top. “Oh yes, this is beautiful.” Jack quietly murmurs to himself before turning to the woman patiently waiting at the foot of the staircase. Please remove your robe and come here. She slowly unites the sash and lets the robe slowly slide off her body to pool in a pile of ebony silk at her feet. He watches in pleasure as she walks over to him unashamedly displaying her goddess-like body. As she moves, her milky-white skin catches the light and seems to almost glow from within. He holds out a hand and helps her to lie on the cushions, arranging them so that her head falls back and her round, full breasts are prominently displayed. Jack then secures the first restraint to her wrist and she gasps at the icy fell of metal on her skin. Don’t speak, my love, just nod your head yes or shake your head no. Is it too tight? She shakes her head no in response. Very good, now let’s continue. He slowly shortens the chain until her arm is stretched out at almost a perfect right angle to her body. Her repeats this same process with her other arm and steps back to admire the results. If they start to bother you, please let me know. She nods in reply and he can see the excitement shine in her rich, dark chocolate eyes. Jack reaches down and lightly strokes her chin as he turns her head. He feels a shiver run through her and brushes her lips with his as he arranges her long, black hair to fall in a rich curtain behind her head. He makes several slight adjustments to the position of her body, moving the legs until they are spread apart just so before lovingly placing the restraints around each ankle. Her skin is flawless and the same milk-white color all over, as if an artist had painted her that way. Jack gently traces an invisible line up the curve of leg and stops at the tuft of hair covering her exposed sex. He lightly fluffs the thick, black curls that cover her most provocative area and continues tracing the line across her flat, smooth belly, stopping at the hollow between her full breasts. You are truly perfect. Jack murmurs, letting his hands rest on her ribcage. “Now it is time for us to have some fun. Do you see it now? Lieutenant Williams asked, bringing the young officer back to focus on the body. He turned to the other officers assembled in the room. Does anyone see the one thing our young man here forgot to mention? I do. An officer in the back raised her hand. He didn’t mention the trauma inflected to the woman’s right breast. Our victim was shot through the nipple, therefore causing death. Very good, Lieutenant Williams nodded in approval. What else can you tell me about the wound? That while it was fatal, it did not cause death immediately. The victim was alive while she bled to death, accounting for the irregular stain spreading out from the body. “Yes, indeed, the stain, which indicated the flow of blood from the body. It was the first thing you should have mentioned. A pattern of blood like this rosette tells a lot about the manner of death See the deep, rich color with its almost black shadows? He pointed to the colors as she spoke. It indicates exactly how long our victim bled to death In this case I’d guess it took at least five minutes for her to die. “That’s not a lot of time. Another office interjected. “It is when you can’t move. Lieutenant Williams gruffly replied, standing up. That’s enough for one day. Check the bulletin board to see where our next crime scene will be. Class dismissed. He watched until the last of the young, eager cadet officers had left the scene, and then turned to the woman who was now propped up on one elbow. I didn’t realize you were going to have your entire class observe this, Jack. She remarked as he removed the restraints from her ankles. “Does it matter if two or twenty are in the room?” He whispered in her ear as he removed the last of the restraints. I thought you liked an audience. He ran a finger through the blood on her breast and licked it clean. I just love it when you’re covered in karo syrup. “You are a sick pervert, Lieutenant Jack Williams. ”She laughed as he helped her to her feet. “But that’s what you love about me—and what I love about you. He responded nuzzling her neck as they walked up the curving staircase together.
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