The Madcap Adventures of A Writer and Her Trucker Part Seven

by: C.J. Galaway

February 1, 2016
It has been fun spending time with my lovely wife and seeing the country. The downsides are odd eating hours, cramped sleeping space (to get an idea what I mean try sleeping on the couch with your other half and see how long you last) and a diet to rival that of a teenager’s. It’s usually stuff that is quick, fast, and cheap versus semi-healthy, slow, and expensive.

However there are ways of eating healthy while on the road. Fresh fruit, plenty of water, and other types of healthy snacks. Skipping the soft drinks with their ton of sugar is also another way to help.

Exercise is another rough thing. Some of the truck stops are adding fitness rooms, but not nearly enough of hem do so. And as a woman walking around the parking lot is out in certain areas of the country. It’s sad that a woman in a truck stop has to be twice as cautious as a man simply because she is female. I strictly follow Gibbs’ rule number 9 for those of you who watch NCIS. If you don’t, it is never go anywhere without a knife. It is a practical tool in the world of trucking, and a necessary self-defense measure.

So be safe out there whether you are a professional driver or simply out to see the sights.

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