The Madcap Adventures of A Writer and Her Trucker Part Nine

by: C.J. Galaway

February 14, 2016
Time is a valuable and fleeting thing. It’s the one hing no one can buy any more of…no matter who you are or your position in life.

Take truck drivers as an example. He or she spends six to twelve weeks away from home at a time to do a job that receives little or no thanks from the rest of humanity; yet we would indeed be lost without the sacrifice those individuals make o bring the items we need o the stores for us to purchase them.

Most people work and are able to return home on a nightly basis to see their family and friends. To have meals, watch TV, or decide to go somewhere on the spur of he moment. For a ruck driver this time is planned out to the minute.

Let’s look at a trucker’s calendar in terms of weeks, shall we? There are 52 weeks in the year, so if the trucker is out for seven weeks at a time as an example then spends one week at home. So the driver is home roughly six to seven weeks out of the year. That means forty six to forty five weeks away from family and friends; not sleeping next to their spouse. It’s a large chunk of time when you think of it that way…for both the driver and their spouse.

Interesting to look at the numbers like that, isn’t it?

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