K is for Kindle

by: C.J. Galaway

April 13, 2018
As much as i love the feel of a book in my hands…yes I have a Kindle.

I actually enjoy reading on my Kindle. I’ve found new authors to obsess over and a world of free books out there to read.

The downside? It’s like buying book s to read and never getting to them.

Like I’m the only one with a to be read pile that’s taller than I am.

The other wonderful thing about my Kindle is that I can access Facebook and other sites while I’m away from my computer.

It’s travel friendly and you can sit and read without anyone knowing what you’re reading, especially if you don’t want people knowing you’re madly in love with the Fifty Shades series. I’m not judging, I’ve seen the first two movies and want to see the third.

So do you have a Kindle?

Blood Lost: The Final Book of the Blood Lost Series
Blood Wars by CJ Galaway
Blood Lust by CJ Galaway
Blood Ties by CJ Galaway
Bite Marks by CJ Galaway


  1. Weekends in Maine

    While I still prefer a book, I think digital books and kindles have a definite place. I'd say I use them about 50% of the time now. There are some nice advantages.Weekends In Maine

  2. C.J. Galaway

    I've found them easier to tote around to places where you have time o kill, like the doctors. Also finding new authors is easier. I'll always have books, but I can be pickier about the real books I buy.


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