I Just Want To Play Drums

by: C.J. Galaway

April 6, 2016
As I said in my earlier blog I love music. I know I’ll never become a professional nor do I want to be. I only want to have fun and do something other than make noise.

That being said, I have always been fascinated by these beauties.

However when I started school, it was the belief that girls could not carry a drum so they were encouraged to play other instruments. Thankfully in more modern times this has changed. and bands are blessed with the talent of female drummers.
For those of you fascinated by statistics, here’s a list of the ten best female drummers of all time.
Me, I’ve always been a fan of this lady.
For those of you who may not know, this is Sheila E. Prince protegee and an amazing drummer. (I’m a child of the eighties).
One day I will take lessons, but for now I just wanna bang the drums!!
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  1. Bob Johns

    Being a drummer kicks butt! I just posted about Drumming and how Def Leppard was a huge influence. Keep banging away!

    It Came From The Man Cave!

  2. Unknown

    I remember Sheila E. quite well—always thought she was lovely and talented.

  3. C.J. Galaway

    Thanks I will. It's good stress relief but heck on the skins, lol.

  4. C.J. Galaway

    Me too it was good seing a woman in the spotlight.


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