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by: C.J. Galaway

May 23, 2015
This is a first for me, helping to promote (in my own awkward way) the newest release of Tawny Savage. As a reader who does not read as voraciously as I once did, her writing has renewed my appetite for the written word and has opened a whole nw genre for me to discover, devour, and feast upon.

I invite you to feed your imagination at the abundant banquet spread out by this amazing author.

Tawny Savage is the best selling author of erotic tales designed to bring your darkest fantasies to life.

Her latest book is Bigfoot’s Revenge and is the third book of The Bigfoot Chronicles

Here is a small taste of Bigfoot’s Revenge

Travis kept hidden behind one of the massive redwoods on the edge of the small meadow in order to continue to witness the scene before him. Within moments he became mesmerized by the strange creatures as they darted back and forth. They appeared to be playing a game of keep away. Their laughter rang throughout the clearing. He found it hard to understand how they looked so different and yet acted like the kids at school. He longed to join in the fun, but afraid he would be rejected.
Just like at school.
Just like at home.
When his parents had told him he was going to be a big brother again, his heart sank. Now they wouldn’t have any need to keep him around. They would have two sons of their own. He was the adopted one and no one in the Stevens family had ever let him forget it. Of course his parents had always considered him their son from the moment they held him in their arms, but his aunts, uncles, cousins and even his grandparents continued to treat him as an outsider.
The previous Christmas, he’d overheard an argument between his dad and uncles. One of them had demanded to know exactly who his birth parents were so they could determine if his bloodline was good enough to be included in the Steven’s family.
“Tommy, you know damn well we can’t afford to take any chances our family gets tainted by any Squatch blood.”
“You were the one who encouraged me and Janine to ask McNamara to help us. He knows all about the feud we have with those creatures. Do you really think he’d give us a half breed to raise as one of our own?”
“He’s a politician. He’ll say and do anything as long as it makes Jillian Stone happy. That witch has been nothing but trouble for us since she married the governor’s son.”
“Travis is my son. Period. I don’t give a shit about your theories about his birth parents. We’ve raised him as our own all these years. He’s a teenager for Christ’s sake!  Not one of you objected when we brought him home from the hospital.”
“That’s my point! He is a teenager and looking more and more like one of them every day. He towers over the rest of the kids and has more hair than all of them combined.”
You know as well as I do we have just as much Squatch blood in our family tree as anyone in these mountains—“
“You take that back right now before I beat the shit out of you. How dare you insult Ma and Pop with those lies.”
“Boys! Knock it off. There are too many young ears around. I’ll not have your mother’s Christmas dinner ruined with all this nonsense. No matter who popped him out, he is and always will be adopted and not a true Stevens. Let’s just leave it at that.”
Travis had hoped his grandfather would have taken his dad’s side against the others. The old man had made it crystal clear to everyone where he stood. Instead of moping around, he decided to find out all he could about the creatures the Stevens family hated so much.
Every day he’d hike deeper and deeper into the forest surrounding his home in search of any clues about the Forest People. He became obsessed with finding out if he had any connection to them and the answer to one very important question.
Why did my real parents give me away?
“Who are you?”
He jumped and spun around to find himself face to face with one of the most beautiful beings he’d ever laid eyes upon. She looked human in all ways except with more body hair—just like him. 
She brushed her red and blonde bangs from her forehead and smiled. “Are you lost?”
“No. I’ve been looking for you and your people.”
She turned to the taller of her companions and spoke a few words in a language Travis swore he’d heard before and then repeated them in English. “Roanolar. Tell Shaman we need her assistance. One of the humans has wandered away from home and needs help.”
“I didn’t wander away from anywhere. I’m trying to find my family.”
The female held his gaze and smiled again. “Very few humans are allowed to get this close to our village. Who are you, really?”
He smiled as a wave of peace washed over him. Something about her smile and her soft, husky voice calmed his soul. “I don’t know. Maybe you can help me figure it out.”
“She already has by sending for me.”
His skin flushed from head to toe and his chest constricted. That voice! I know her.
The medicine woman touched his cheek. “You have your mother’s eyes, young one.”
“You know who he is, Grandmother?” The one called Roanolar stood at her side and appeared to size him up from head to toe.
She turned and walked toward the edge of the clearing. “Come with me, Trrrravis. I’ve been waiting for your return. We have much to discuss. The rest of you will say nothing of this to anyone. Taema? Roanolar? Do I have your vow?”
Both bowed before her. “Yes, Shaman.”
Taema. I love the sound of her name. Maybe this shaman will be able to tell me about her too. He stepped up his pace in order to walk by her side. “How did you know my name?”
She chuckled and continued on at her brisk pace. “There is very little about you I don’t know. I’ll answer all your questions as soon as we’re out of sight from any others. No one else can know of your existence.”
“Why? What’s the big secret? I came here to find out who the fuck I am and why I was given to a family that hates everything about me.”
She spun around and hit the center of his chest with her staff. “We had no choice! You would have died within a few days of your birth if we didn’t send you there. You will hold the rest of these questions of yours until we have privacy. Understood?”
His cheeks burned with his embarrassment. “Yes, ma’am.”
“Etsey is my name. Not ma’am.”
“I was taught not to address my elders by their first name.”
“You were raised well. If you don’t wish to use my given name, you may address me as Shaman…or Grandmother.”
He stared at her and his mind blanked. His body seemed too heavy to move let alone breathe.
 She raised one eyebrow and chuckled. “Don’t look so surprised, child. Who else would know so much about you if not one of your blood?”
She turned and then continued to make her way across the field toward another cluster of redwoods.
He forced his feet to move and followed the rest of the way in silence, too shocked to form the words to express the conflicting emotions that coursed through his brain.

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About the Author
Tawny Savage has always enjoyed reading and writing taboo erotica that can bring all of our deepest darkest fantasies to life. Her tales aren’t for the faint of heart and won’t always have the happily ever after ending.  You’ll laugh, cry and want to beat the hell out of some of her characters and that’s just fine with Tawny. She’ll help you do it!

Join her for a ride you’ll never forget! Go ahead and drop a line to her through her publisher www.sassyvixenpublishing.net. Connect with her on Twitter @Tawny_Savage, Facebook, or check out her website Erotic Tales from Tawny Savage.
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