Bass…it’s only four strings but more complex to learn

by: C.J. Galaway

April 3, 2016
I have always been in love with music. As a small girl I would get excited when my Uncle Art came to visit from Georgia because that meant music. My Uncle Carl would come over in the evenings and my mom would get her Gibson Songbird out and her and her brothers would sit around drink beer and play music. It was mostly country but I still would sit enchanted as they played. Now don’t think current country this was in the seventies so we’re talking old school country music like Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn…I’m sure you get the picture.

It fascinated me to see people play without sheet music and just play riffs and make things up.

Then one day while looking through a record bin at the local Goodwill I found this record.

Jaco Pastorius was a bass player and so much more. He was the man who revolutionized how the bass was played–and how bassists are seen forever. I fell in love with those rich, low, tones and the way they made me feel.

Many years would pass before I would try to learn to play, but I am giving it my very best.

This is the color I would love to have a bass.

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  1. Sandra Cox

    That is one handsome guitar.

  2. C.J. Galaway

    This is so very true. There's something about those low notes that call to me.

  3. C.J. Galaway

    It's just amazing to watch someone play from the heart.

  4. C.J. Galaway

    It is indeed. I have a five and a four string.


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