Tempers and passions rise in both the pack and the Blackwood family as brother and sister set their sights on the title of pack leader. In the human world, both siblings are making their mark in their respective businesses, with Nikki’s star starting to rise, while Adam is making his expertise in the art world known. However, none of this matters in the affairs of a pack who is seeking to recover and heal from the enslavement it had faced for so long and only seeks a leader who will keep them free and unknown to the human world. But an outsider is feeding Adam’s lust to dominate humans and poisoning his mind as well, causing him to let his emotions and hatred fuel his judgments and cloud his decisions, giving his ambitions a deadly razor’s edge and a lust to cause his sister pain that she may never recover from, which gives this outsider a way to tilt the scales of power in Adam’s favor for good, if he can rein in and control the young wolf’s lust for revenge. Will you let your lusts rule you?

Cover Credit: David Ryzeck

Blood Lost: The Final Book of the Blood Lost Series
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