The story I’m about to tell you for the most part is true. I say for the most part because no one’s memory is truly perfect. Plus I’ve taken the liberty of changing a few things here and there to protect the lives of the humans I’ve recently befriended. They have come to mean a great deal to me and I would hate to see anything happen to them. It’s not their fault I have this great urge to tell my life story. So why tell it, you ask? First of all, it’s not my entire life story. Most of it is boring and dull, like average people’s everywhere. I’ve lived it and wouldn’t want to read it. Second, it’s still going on and would take volumes to record the centuries I have yet ahead of me. Yes, you read right, I said centuries. My life isn’t average anymore. I am a creature of the night…a vampire. This is the tale of what happened when I decided to beg for a chance at immortality. You know the type of split-second decision that tends to change things forever. This was one of those. Don’t laugh this off. Humans truly do not know whether my kind exists or not. We like it that way. The Hollywood myths and rumors make our lives much easier to live. Besides, most humans refuse to accept what is right in front of their faces, until it’s too late. Well, you have a copy of my story in your hands right now and I can tell you’re dying to read it. Be warned it’s a graphic little tale. I have left none of the important details out and have done a few things you might find repulsive. But you’re only human, after all. Go ahead and read on. You will find it a very educational experience, to say the least. Keep reading; I know you can’t resist.

Cover Credit: Danielle Crooks

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