To New Beginnings

by: C.J. Galaway

August 6, 2015
I have always heard that when a door closes another one opens…along with everything happens for a reason. Both are interesting sayings that can have several meanings, depending on the mood nd mindset of the person reading them. For me opprotunity started with a door that didn’t simply close, it slammed shut in my face.

My day job from the time I was eighteen has been foodservice in one form or another. From fast food to an amusement park to a basketball arena that was also a concert venue…then back to fast food. I am good at what I do and for a time I enjoyed doing it. I will admit to never truly loving what I did. I was good at it and it provided me a paycheck. Yet as each year passed i was beginning to loathe the work I did and felt as trapped as a rat in a cage.

My true passion is and will always be the written word, but I was afraid to put myself out there for several reasons. The obvious was a fear of failure. What if people hated what I wrote? the next reason will seem ridiculous to most people…what if I succeed? What if people actually like what I write and want to read more? What then?

Well apparently the universe has decided fo me, as I was terminated from my latest foodservice job. The reasons don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, however the timing of it all does. You see I was fired less than two weeks from my very first book tour. When I called to tell my wife who is a truck driver, her response was simple and succint: I told you i didn’t want you stuck in food service. Maybe it’s time for you to step out and become a full time writer.

Me? Write full-time? Could I take that leap of faith? More importantly, dare I? 

My wife believes in me, so i can only trust her as I step into this bold new adventure without a safety net. I haven’t spent much time on promotion, and now I can. I can also devote more ime to the creation of my fiction. But now comes the hard part, managing my time properly and not become a daytime tv watching, game playing couch potato.
Wish me luck, I will need it and I will keep you informed…
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