The Madcap Adventures of a Writer and Her Trucker Part Two

by: C.J. Galaway

January 2, 2016
Today finds me being able to find a stable surface to work at for a few hours, namely a table at a Country Pride restaurant at a TA truck stop in upstate New York.

The weather is cold and snowy and I can’t help but smile at the sight of it, as I’ve not seen too much since moving to North Carolina from Pennsylvania.

Today has been a bit more sedate, I must admit. We delivered the load and picked up another at the same location. I must admit they keep her moving on this dedicated account.

Well we found ourselves with some down time and we found a TA to park, get a shower, and hopefully find some good food.

Then the fun began…

We had settled into a spot and were discussing our next moves when the men in the truck across from ours were doing something outside of the truck. My wife thought they were attempting to move the 5th wheel that attaches the truck and trailer. So being the nosy sort that I am, I settled in to watch thinking this might come useful in a future story…and almost instantly regretted that I had.

Apparently man #1 likes to wear his pants saggy (why people do that is beyond me). So when he bends over to direct whatever it is that man #2 is doing his pants fall and I am graced with the full view of his completely naked ass not once but twice. Of course I quickly looked away, but not in time to catch the second showing. Thank the Goddess he didn’t turn to face me.

A full moon out in the middle of a cloudy day, how bizarre. He had to have felt the cold.

If you will excuse me I must go find the bleach…

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  1. Unknown

    I guess the bleach didn't work. LOL

  2. C.J. Galaway

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