The Madcap Adventures of A Writer and Her Trucker Part Six

by: C.J. Galaway

January 23, 2016
Eating in a big truck is an adventure in itself. There are ways too eat healthy and keep food in the truck. My wife has a mini fridge, a microwave, a small slow cooker, and something called a lunch box oven along with a way to heat water in her truck. She also has an inverter installed which makes running the microwave and my laptop easier. the mini-fridge is hardwired in and the rest run off ports much like the ones in your cars or trucks.

Most truck stops offer deli style foods along with fast food options and some of the larger truck stops have restaurants as well. And of course there are restaurants and fast food places within walking distance if one is willing to make the short journey.

The fun thing is that there was a Cracker Barrel near to one of the shippers so while we were delayed in being loaded, we took just the truck and went to have breakfast. Which Cracker Barrel has excellent food and the most beautiful fireplaces if you’re into enjoying eating by one, which I am.

As we went to check out my wife noticed something interesting about this particular Cracker Barrel. If you have ever been in one you know the decor is older items placed upon the wall mixed with the older metal advertisements. Well this one had an ax hanging above the cash register and the person who runs it. My wife looks at me and quips. “I’ve heard of getting the ax, but not literally.”

There is never a dull moment with my beautiful trucker around.

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