Swords and My Love of A Sharp Blade

by: C.J. Galaway

April 25, 2016
Everyone talks about the tools used to defend yourself or as a part of the art of war. Usually the topic of these discussions are handguns and rifles. But for me my passion runs to a weapon that has been around for centuries and isn’t really thought of much in modern times and that is a sword.

Why do I love them, do you ask? It is something you hold, weild, and control. You have to get up close and personal to use a sword on your opponent. And it is something you can play with and have fun with without urting the other person. Granted live steel will kill, but there are wooden practice weapons, foam, rubber…I’m sure you get the drift. Below are a few swords that are beautiful.

My personal favorite is the katana. It is the weapon of the Smaurai and is rich in the history of how they’re made. and are simply stunning to look at.
Here is a video about the process.
A large part of my love of a katana comes from my love of the Highlander movies and television series..or did I start watching them because of my love of katanas?
I’ll never tell.
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