Schedules and Time Management

by: C.J. Galaway

August 15, 2015
The two things most writers learn to juggle are schedules and time management…scheduling writing time, blogging time, promoting time, even sleep time. Oh and let’s not forget about the grind of a job for those not fortunate enough to be as prolific and famous as Nora Roberts. I mean really four new books a year, every year? I’m a fan of her books but she just cannot be human.

Up until about two months ago I trudged away at a mid-level management job in food service of various types throughout the years, hating every second of it and wishing I had the courage to put my fiction out there for the world to enjoy. My time away from work was spent reading, writing, or playing Runescape an MMORPG online game that I still play.

Then one night while playing Runescape I met the woman who would become my wife, not realizing that things would change for me in more ways than one. For starters, I let her read a short story I had written and shared with her my passion for writing. Wen she found out I had one book finished, she encouraged me to self-publish. Now I have two books out with a third on the way.

My drudge of a day job fell through, then my wife suggested that I focus full time on my writing. Like any other semi-sane writer out there plugging away at their craft I jumped at the opportunity. I mean who wouldn’t want to write full time?

Then the other half of the equation reared its ugly head, namely time management.

Why do i need time management? I have all day to write, read, do research…it sounds divine.

Then you spend all day on the sofa sucked in by one mindless TV show after another, or online playing whatever game is hot on Facebook. Don’t forget about Netflix now. That endless pit of entertainment meant to sap the hours right out of your day Before you know it, the day is gone and so is that stash of junk food you were saving for the next rainy day.

So here’s to juggling schedules and time management…when you figure it out, please tell me? In the meantime I’ll be on Runescape.

Just kidding, I’ll be working on the next course to feed your imagination.

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