Patience…Oh what an elusive trait

by: C.J. Galaway

March 29, 2014
You need to be patient, these things take time…oh if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that since putting Bite Marks out into the big bad world for readers to notice *sigh* well, you know the rest.

But what exactly does having patience truly involve?  How does one be patient while striving to achieve a goal that has burned inside you for so long in spite of those who would extinguish its flame?  When I think of the time lost because of people I thought held my best interests at heart but didn’t it truly saddens me.  And for it to be family made it worse sometimes.  But I am moving past that, even if at times the ghosts of those times try their best to drag me back in.

You see I have been patient for far too long about all of the wrong things perhaps.  And perhaps it is time to fore go the worries of patience and move ahead with plans even if some find them to be foolish and outlandish.  This is my passion and desire, after all…who better to guide it than me?

After all right or wrong, it’s going to be on interesting journey.

Join me?

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