P is for Procrastination

by: C.J. Galaway

April 22, 2018
Which is something I seem to be very good at, judging by how behind I am on this blog challenge.

Why do people procrastinate? That is a very good question.

Laziness is one simple reason…I’ll do it tomorrow and tomorrow never comes.

Fear is another one…what if I do this and bad things happen?

Indifference is another…who cares if it gets done?

All of the above are roadblocks to hinder you from success, because procrastinating keeps success at bay unlike anything else does. And it is the hardest thing to defeat. I should know because I’ve been the victim of it for quite some time now. It is easier to do nothing than to try and maybe fail.

Let’s make a pact. No more procrastination.

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