M is for Melissa

by: C.J. Galaway

April 16, 2018
This is going to be a bit of a different post from the others for this challenge, as it is about someone who is rapidly becoming a dear friend of mine.

Her name is Melissa and she loves all kinds of animals…except for birds, but she loves those at a distance. (don’t ask)

Now where do I begin? This lady first of all is 100% pure Southern sass, class, and charm…and also one of the most caring, kind individuals I’ve met since I moved to North Carolina.

We really didn’t get to know each other well until we started working together at a job she helped me to obtain. She has taught me more than how to properly wait on people. She is showing me that people can be trusted and that it isn’t wrong to open up to someone.

We’ve not always agreed about things and have butted heads from time to time. Who doesn’t?

Yet we always sit down and talk things through and in the end do not let our differences interfere with the friendship we are building.

She was recently married to Gregg, a wonderful man who treats her like the Queen she deserves to be treated like. They are having  second ceremony at their home for family and friends and I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to officiate this one, since they are already legally married.

I’m lucky to have Melissa as a friend and think everyone needs at least one Melissa in their lives.

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