by: C.J. Galaway

May 6, 2013
Where does one find the inspiration to write? What do you write about? Where do you begin? All interesting questions that I’ve been asked a lot since Bite Marks hit the e-book market. And to be honest, I have no magic answers for you…seriously I do not. Everybody finds inspiration in different and unique ways. For me a lot comes from things I see and hear at work or when I am out shopping. The silliest comment makes me think one simple phrase… What would happen if… Sometimes it turns into something brilliant, and sometimes it does not. But you never know unless you ask yourself… what would happen if…
Blood Lost: The Final Book of the Blood Lost Series
Blood Wars by CJ Galaway
Blood Lust by CJ Galaway
Blood Ties by CJ Galaway
Bite Marks by CJ Galaway


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