Holiday Aftermath or What to do when Christmas is over?

by: C.J. Galaway

December 26, 2013
Another Christmas has come and gone once again.  Did you get all that you had hoped for or were there things left on your wish list?  Was time well-spent with loved ones and family?  Were you unable to be with family this year?  Or was it a chore best done and over with?

Whatever question best suits your situation, the day is done and behind us, leaving the question…

What now?

New Year’s Eve is coming, but it’s almost a week away.  The world has returned to a state of almost normal, and some of us have returned to the grind of the job while others find themselves with too much time on their hands.

For me, I’m starting the process of getting ready for my very first book signing with its own set of questions and fears.  To help with those fears, I will be sharing the process as it unfolds with you here.

Stay tuned to find out the first step…

Blood Lost: The Final Book of the Blood Lost Series
Blood Wars by CJ Galaway
Blood Lust by CJ Galaway
Blood Ties by CJ Galaway
Bite Marks by CJ Galaway


  1. Unknown

    Good luck on your first book signing!

  2. C.J. Galaway

    Thanks, it's this Saturday from 2-4 in Uniontown at the mall.


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