H is for Halestorm

by: C.J. Galaway

April 10, 2018
All right, anyone who knows me knows music is my sanity…seriously it is. As much as I love books and the written word, music speaks to my soul and soothes me and motivates me like nothing else.

I love music across all genres, but my main love is rock and metal. There’s something about loud music that just …calms me down in ways I can’t explain.

Recently my music of choice is from the band Halestorm. They have a song called I Like it Heavy that explains how I feel about music, especially theirs.

Some like beautiful, perfect and pretty
I see the good in the bad and the ugly
I need the volume one louder than ten
I put the pedal to the metal, needle into the red
If the windows ain’t shaking
Making my heart race
If I can’t feel it in my chest
I’m in the wrong damn place!

I got a demon in my soul and a voice in my head
It’s saying go, go, go! I can sleep when I’m dead
There’s a sonic revelation bringing me to my knees
And there’s a man down below who needs my sympathy
I got a ringing in my ears getting ready to burst
Screaming “hallelujah motherfucker take me to church”

I like it louder than the boom
Of a big bass drum
I need it harder than the sound

Of a guitar grunge
I love to crank it up
Make it thump
And evil to the core
Headbanging in the pit

Their music speaks to me a fuels my imagination to be able to feed yours.

Here is the link to the first song I heard by them. It’s called Amen. Have a look and a listen.


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