Collecting stuff and the people who tolerate what we do

by: C.J. Galaway

August 11, 2018
There’s a saying that goes one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Does this apply to the things people collect as well? How would that apply to the people who collect things and the people who try to tolerate those collections?

Me I collect trading cards of all sorts along with books, cds and dvds and stuffed animals. The only one my spouse really doesn’t get is the books. I’ve been told I have too many (600+ but who’s counting, lol.) In my defense I have read 80% of them and they are like dear friends I simply cannot part with.

My spouse loves to collect Mc Donald’s happy meal toys, which I must confess baffles me sometimes, but I won’t say anything because it is her thing and she enjoys doing it.

She also collects model cars, which I find totally fascinating. And she feeds my love of stuffed animals by bringing me ones she has won from claw machines and she’s quite good at winning them.

So the thing is, if you collect does your better half support what you do? Or do they tolerate it with some form of grumbling for form?

Have fun collecting whatever it is you collect!

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  1. A.Keyes

    Hmm i collect books but i envy your collection!!! Id say also tcg thpugh mainly ones i play. Also scarecrows and teapots. I have issues with both! Benifit of being single is i collect in peace-A.Keyes


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