A is for Adventure

by: C.J. Galaway

April 1, 2018
Hey there everyone! Long time no talk to! I promise to do my best not to let so much time go in between entries…but we know how big a procrastinator I am o we shall see.

April is upon us once again and it i time for the A to Z blog challenge, which I have jumped into with both paws yet again, as you can see by the title of this blog entry. To honor the memory of an amazing mystery writer, Sue Grafton, all of my titles will sound like her book titles.

Adventure, what does that word mean to you? Is it going out and doing something daring and completely outside of your comfort zone?

See for me adventure is dong something new and fun, but also doing it with friends and your chosen partner in life if you have been lucky to find that person.

Sometimes just hanging out with friends and doing whatever pops into someone’s head can be an adventure as well…as long as you keep it legal, of course.

Adventure doesn’t mean cost either. There are plenty of things do do out in the big, bad world with little to no cost. I bet your town has a park that you didn’t even know about!

So get out there and have some fun and find your own adventure!

Blood Lost: The Final Book of the Blood Lost Series
Blood Wars by CJ Galaway
Blood Lust by CJ Galaway
Blood Ties by CJ Galaway
Bite Marks by CJ Galaway


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